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Keynote Speeches
30 to 90 minutes

Mini Seminars / Break-Out Sessions
1 to 3 hours

Bob Tacy, Jr. Is Simply A Great Speaker.
Conventions - Conferences - Company Meetings - Banquets

Each speech or presentation is always customized to compliment your program, meeting or banquet. Bob's high-energy delivery, timely topics and humor hold an audience like few speakers can.

Sample of Bob Tacy’s Speaking Engagement Topics
(other topics are available)

“The Simplicity of Success & Happiness”
(Bob’s Newest Motivational Talk)
This is a targeted talk that explores the core attitudes that control both success and happiness (business and personal). Bob shares not only his own life experiences but those of his parents. He shares specific techniques anyone can use to enhance their lives. This talk is suitable for a broad range of audiences. People will be moved, inspired and entertained by this wonderful presentation.

“Elements of Personal Achievement”
(Bob’s Most Requested Presentation)
A personal sharing of Bob Tacy's own ten elements of success achieving. This is a strong, highly emotional presentation that gives special insights for anyone who seeks professional success, personal happiness and top performance. A special poster, suitable for framing, is included for each participant.

“Re-Igniting the Great American Work Ethic”
One of the most important topics of the decade. This talk describes how to establish the most productive work environment that is used by the top companies all over the country. The ideas provide an understanding of how to bring management and employees together as a Work Family. (6-hour video available)

“The Challenge to Change”
No other topic is more important for today’s rapidly changing world of business. Technology will continue to change the way we work and live. It will be those companies and individuals who understand, accept and make changes in a positive way that will reap the full rewards of opportunity. This talk will open your mind and set you on a path to positive change.

“Selling With Dignity” 2000
A highly entertaining and informative presentation on the evolution of the selling profession over the last 30 years and the changes, over four era's, that have influenced the attitudes and buying habits of customers and professional buyers. Great insights on how these changes have effected sales psychology. This is the program that changed selling forever and gained nationally notoriety for Bob, M.C.S. and “Selling With Dignity”. (6-hour audio tapes available)

“Image...Your Most Saleable Commodity”
A very fun look at how American business has changed over the last three decades and how the decline in customer service happened. The talk includes some very powerful and meaningful segments on building magnetic personality traits and self-reliance. Also included are some inside secrets of how a few “Excellent” companies in America “sell” their Image through their employees for big profits.
(6-hour audio tapes available)

“Leadership in Management”
A look at the changes of management concepts in recent years with the emphasis on “Leadership”. The difference between “Management” and “Leadership”, Employee Empowerment, the Seven Cardinal Rules Of Leadership, Goal Setting, Effective Delegation, Motivation Of Others, and more are all available for this dynamic talk.

“The Serious Business of Having Fun On The Job”
A fun, light program that has the audience looking into themselves and their attitudes about their job, career and relationships with co-workers. The talk gives perspective on how to use one's job to gain tremendous personal fulfillment.