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Training Programs For All Types of Companies From Any Industry

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Bob Tacy training seminars and workshops have won national notoriety for their effectiveness and are time proven. Every program is customized to meet the exact training objectives of the group. We take into consideration the type of product or service, the competitive environment and the experience of the trainees. There is no restriction on personal audio taping. Video privileges are available at a modest fee.

"Selling With Dignity"2000
This is the original “Personal Persuasion” selling system. The program comes in versions for Industrial, Direct and Retail selling. Each program is further customized to meet the needs of the company and group. Each attendee receives an extensive reference manual. “Selling With Dignity”2000 is one of the most effective and emulated sales systems in the country.

"Leadership In Management"
This program has been presented to over 300 companies including many Fortune 500 companies. We offer a unique program that focuses exclusively on the “People Side” of developing and motivating employees to higher productivity. Versions for sales managers and general managers are available. The program is customized to meet the exact needs of the group. Each attendee receives an comprehensive reference manual. Optional leadership style testing and feedback instruments are offered to compliment this highly effective program.

"Image. . . Your Most Saleable Commodity"
Finally a program that targets important employees who seldom receive meaningful training. Designed specifically for employees who have customer contact, but are not in sales or management. Administrative, Delivery People, Customer Service People, Credit Department Personnel, all project and sell the “Image” of the company every day. Participants receive important Pro-Active Communications Skills, Problem Handling and light Sales Skills that result in superior customer relations and satisfaction. Also available on Audio tape.

"Re-igniting The Great American Work Ethic"
Here is a truly amazing program designed to have both the managers and employees attend at the same time! Clients rave about the straight-forwardness and honesty of the program. It clarifies the responsibility of both managers and the employees for turning out the best products and achieving superior customer satisfaction. This program is also available on video – six 55-minute sessions packaged in an attractive album.

"The Dynamics Of Team Building"
A team-building program that goes beyond standard team building, establishing the common denominators that allow the full potential of individuals to be joined in a common cause for superior results in a variety of business settings. The program promotes inter-department cooperation and harmony.

"Power To Performance"
An updated version of personal evaluation, personal awareness and personal growth programs, written by Bob. Developing positive attitudes, affirmations, visualization and personal goal setting are all part of this popular program.

"Elements Of Personal Achievement"
A very special "off-menu" offering. This is a personal sharing of Bob’s personal approach to happiness and success. Which will draw on your full range of emotions as the personal stories are shared. Simply a wonderful, inspiring program.