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BeBe Tacy
12/25/92 - 10/13/07
Bob Tacy is the Founder and President of Modern Creative Seminars, one of the most respected training specialty companies in the country. Bob started his company in 1978 after fifteen years of successful corporate life. He served as a top salesperson and manager for two major companies, General Tire & Rubber Co. and GTE Directories, where he gained national recognition for his accomplishments.

Today, Bob is recognized as one of the top trainers and professional speakers in the country, presenting over 100 speeches and seminars each year.

Bob has over 1,600 company and association clients located throughout the United States and three foreign countries. Some of these include: The Boeing CompanyStarbucksGeneral Electric Aircraft Engines AT&TNordstromChrysler Corporation... just to name a few. He has presented to over 90,000 people.

Bob has authored and developed seven original corporate training programs that have won national acclaim and praise for their effectiveness.

"Selling With Dignity" (also on audio)

"Leadership In Management"

"Reigniting The Great American Work Ethic" (also on video)

"IMAGE. . . Your Most Saleable Commodity" (also on audio)

"The Dynamics Of Team Building"

"Power To Performance"

"Elements Of Personal Achievement"

His book "What You Should Know about Yellow Pages Advertising And The Yellow Pages Industry" has sold over 25,000 copies and is the #1 book to the Yellow Pages Industry.

Bob's programs have always received rave reviews and produced results that far exceeded the expectations of his clients. He accomplishes this through an Integrated approach to training. Each training program, specific to each department, is customized to meet the exact needs and objectives of the group - yet each emphasizes a successful business philosophy centered around employee growth and customer satisfaction.

Besides developing and presenting some of the most dynamic training programs in the country, Bob has emerged as a classic motivational speaker. The combination of his original and timely topics, special brand of humor and high energy delivery style captivate and hold his audience like few speakers can. He is definately one of the most versatile speakers to be found. He can present an intimate, dynamic and fun program to a small group or ignite an audience of several thousand. What is especially noteworthy is that over 95% of Bobs bookings are a result of repeat request and referrals.

Even with his busy schedule Bob stills finds time to work with Fraternal Organizations and his passion for mentoring teens. Through his special program: "Any Teenager Can" Bob helps teens build their self-esteem and confidence. He does these programs at no charge.

Bob and his wife Connie make their home in Puyallup, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. They have five grown children and nine grandchildren. They enjoy RVing and international travel, especially to tropical destinations. They also enjoy hiking, biking, and snorkeling. Bob is an active Rotarian.


Bob specializes in customized, in-house half-day, full-day and two-day training seminars as well as professional speaking at company meetings, conferences, conventions and banquets.


For more information about Bob Tacy training and professional speaking services, call or write:

Modern Creative Seminars
P.O. Box 731862
Puyallup, WA 98373
Phone: (425) 894-3868